Objective :

India comprises of many States and each State, besides the Central Laws, has framed its own Acts, Rules and Regulations. In compliance of Article 166 of the Constitution of  India, the Governor of each State has framed the Rules of Business and Allocation Rules for transacting the business of the State Government. Each State has created different departments and the names and numbers of them differ from State to State. The departments have created different Rules and Regulations and issue different circulars, orders from time to time as per the need to regulate the functions of the Government. The Rules and relevant Circulars are published in the official Gazette, departmental annual books etc.

          It has been felt that there is no single platform or search engine where the Circulars, Orders, Gazette Notifications, Cabinet Decisions, Judgements particularly relating to Service matters is available for the Citizens. Many of the employees, in-service or retired,  of the State have academic interest and wish to serve the Citizens of the State by their long experience gained during Government Service. The Civil Services Rules too permit the employees to participate in the academic work particularly aimed to help the State. The assimilation of all the information in one platform will help the Citizens and also contribute to the progress of the State and Nation.

            With the above objective, this Website has been started on the principle “ By the Employees, For the Employees” on no profit and no loss basis. The documents published in the Website are pure ‘Public Documents’ within the meaning of Right to Information Act, 2005.